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Learn to Code with Fiero Code
Click here to access Fiero Code.
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Fiero Code is a web-based educational software where kids can learn to make websites, video games, apps, animations, programs and more! What Fiero Code Offers:

Project-Based Learning

The effectiveness of project-based learning is unquestionable. In Fiero Code coders have numerous opportunities to build real-world websites, video games, apps, animations and more from scratch.

Maker & Robotics

Fiero Code is the only learn-to-code software that includes curriculum for some of the most popular youth maker and robotics devices. In our platform, coders can experience the thrill of coding a robot to roll across their desk.


Fiero Code incorporates gamification elements to help coders progress and achieve learning outcomes. These elements include Streaks, Top Projects, and the ability to unlock and customize your avatar.

Self-Guided / Self-Paced

We are empowering learners. In Fiero Code, coders can work on things that are interesting to them and they can do it at their own pace. They can hop from discipline to discipline, tutorials to projects, and back again with ease in our system.

Support from Fiero Code

With a built-in discussion board moderated by Fiero Code, coders will never be left without support. 

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