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Non-Resident Library Card Fee Calculators
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*Follow These Steps to Find the Total Estimated Market Value of a Home/Property

  • Go to

  • Click on Search on the top Menu, from the dropdown select Search by Address.

  • Type the House Number in the Box.

  • Type the Street Name in the Box (Only list the name of the street. Do not include designations like place, street, lane, trail, avenue, boulevard, or their abbreviations).

  • Type in the City.

  • Click Box next to ‘I am Not a Robot'.

  • The record for the home will show.

  • Scroll down to the Section labeled Assessed Valuation.

  •  ‘Total Estimated Market Value’ is in the first column (column titled Assessor Certified), put this Value in the Calculation.

Renters - Contact the Library for the Most Recent Non-Resident Library Card Fee.

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